31 May 2009

This is awesum stuff

So my tyres were really bald and I needed to get them changed, and the brother wisely came along and prodded me in the right way.


Woke up and left at 630 in the morning, guided by the great GPS, I got there a little past 845 (I like to drive slow)

Was one of the earlier ones into the track and was enjoying the clear track, building up the momentum. Found out from videos that my lap time's in the region of 59s.

Experienced my first off track moment as my tail started sliding. Counter-steered too aggressively and the car did a 180˚. Took Jeremy along with me when he tried to avoid me. Ate some grass along the way.

Sorry mate.

Video is NOT where I spun. I only did it once.

This is the result of my little jaunt. I suspect the tyre threads separated separated easily from the belt due to the age of the tyre. Tyres are something like DOTxx03

The insides represent my pre-track tyre conditions; while the outside, well go figure. A large proportion of the damage can be attributed to the very few times where I locked my tyres. In spite of my greater than usual braking skillz, I managed to lock it a few times; and I found it tremendously difficult to unlock them.


Drove home on my metal belts and got my tyres changed.

I have new tyres whee.

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