06 September 2008

Male Bonding

It was one of those days where nothing went wrong, but you feel as though everything went wrong. A dark cloud hung over my head, periodically striking me with little discharges of electrons, contributing towards a slight throbbing in my head.

Oh fuck, I just hate Fridays. Perhaps its the impending weekend; I hate weekends, its so boring. Like any other weekend, I occupy myself pecking away at the computer, which I already see 8 hours a day; perhaps I should get a PS so that I can up my game.

A quick glance outside tells me that traffic conditions are fucked up. More delays, I thought as I prepped myself for an extended stay in the office. MSN links me to my friends, and I type furiously away at the keyboard; 85wpm when I last checked.

Light dinner plans were cooked and off we went.

"Lets spend some manly time together," I suggested.

"What manly time? That sounds damn gay! Its called male bonding!"

Walking along the road, we share a few crude jokes and I laugh out Michbaby style.

"Hurr hurr hurr"

By chance a fellow female pedestrian was beside me, turned around to see who was this bastard with a lecherous laugh.

Over sushi, we talk about how fucked up our days were, and how could we make it better.

"Eh, did you notice that girl who turned around when I laughed?"

"Eh yaya! She looked so disgusted!"

"Isn't she the girl who has damn big boobs?" my dinner mate asked loudly; we were talking about different girls. I hide my face in shame, "Dude, not so loud please!"

"My mommy said cannot mix with Ah neh neh because they got kutu!" A play later told me that.

"Eh, what you want to marry an Ah neh neh next time?

The Ah neh neh in the play was such a funny fucker.

Perhaps that particular Friday wasn't so bad after all.

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