22 April 2006

Bloggers' Meet 22/04/06

Warning : 56k killer. Countless photos. Don't bitch.
Today I attended a blogger's gathering at Dome Cafe in Midvalley. Here are some pictures in the order they were taken. I'll just name whoever the person is in the picture instead of going Elephant-me, cow-me, pig-me, hyena-me unless its a multi person portrait.

Forgive my grainy shots as my camera's ISO400 setting is digitally noisy. Low light and all. And I forgot to change it to ISO100 when we went out. So much for hoping to improve my photography.

Those people who have decent pictures (not blurry, nice) and pictures of me could you send them to me please? Thanks!

Anyway, I'll be hosting my photos for download on Rapidshare. They won't be watermarked. Since I go under the 'share and share alike' principle. The truth is I don't know how to watermark my photos.

Mervyn, Suet Lee's boy boy Barry, Suet Lee,Calvin Tay

Serge Norguard, Albert Ng, Lee Ching

Suanie arrives.

Jason Goh(smashpOp) arrives


Julie Kuan, Karen Siah, Weng Lum. They jointlyh run It's A Group Thing

Calvin Tay

Jolene, me, Serge Norguard, Calvin Tay, Lee Ching.

Paul Tan

Suet Lee


Mun Hoong/Slinky

Calvin Tay, me, Jusin Wong

Jolene, Calvin Tay, me.


Jusin Wong

Suet Lee

Cherrie Chan, Jennifer Ooi. Cherrie's the only one I didn't camwhore with.


The Other Kenny. He's name's Kenny Ho.

Kurt Low


Albert Ng

April Yim

Jason Goh(smashpOp)


Jason Lioh

Julie Kuan

Yvonne Foong

Weng Lum

Karen Siah


Elaine Chow

We went to the bridge outside Starbucks.

Then we got ready…

And we jumped!


A group shot after that

Lee Cheng

We went to McDonald’s after that. Jasminne having some ice cream.

Jolene is force fed.




The people who ffk-ed us are...
1. Avril Chan
2. Chee Kiang
3. Cheng Sim
4. Chung Lern
5. Elaine
6. Eliza
7. Kimberlycun
8. Kyels
9. Lainie
10. Micheal
11. Minishorts
12. Sarah
13. Smallswong
14. Vincent
15. Yee Pei

No worries there. There's talk of another one in July. Hope to see you all then okay?

My MSN is under_score1987@hotmail.com.
Albert I tried commenting on your blog but failed. Bad vibes I have perhaps?